The number of data is less than I expected.

QA Analytics uses JavaScript and 1st-party-Cookie to try to collect as much data as possible. However, it does not match all the numbers with Google Analytics, for example, because it uses a different method of data acquisition than other tools.

However, if you feel that the numbers are obviously wrong, for example, the number of data is only half, please check the following.

  • Check to see if the corresponding article has been updated recently.
    When you update, the data is stored in the new version, so it looks like the data has been reduced.
  • See if the number is close to what you imagine when you add up desktop, mobile and tablet.
    *QA Analytics shows the number of data separately for each device.
  • Clear the cache of all pages if you are using it with a cache plugin.
  • If your server spec is low, you may not be able to get all the data, so strengthen your server. Please check the FAQ on server specs in the installation instructions.
  • Check if there are any JavaScript errors.
    For more information on how to check if an error is occurring, please see How to figure out why JavaScript or jQuery is not working (Chrome verification).

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