There are pages that do not accumulate data.

There are two possible causes.

  1. A JavaScript error is occurring.
  2. 特殊なコーディングが行われており、QAアナリティクスの計測タグが発行されていない。

For reason1, check for JavaScript errors. (To see how to check them, you can refer to this person’s site.)

As for reason2, display and check the source of the page. (You can refer to this page for details on how to display the source.) If you can’t find the word of “qahm”, the measurement tag has not been issued, and no data will be collected.

One possible reason for this is that the coding style of your template may not be along the WordPress coding standard.

One of the most common cases is that the functions wp_head() and wp_footer() are not loaded. In this case, many plugins will not work, so we recommend checking them. For more information, please read the official WordPress documentation.

Another case to be considered is a problem with jQuery.


If you want to use jQuery in WordPress, you need to use the function ‘wp_enqueue_script’ to make jQuery available from each plugin.

For detailed explanation of ‘wp_enqueue_script’, please refer to the official page. The handle name is ‘jquery’.

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