What can QA Heatmap Analytics do that Google Analytics (GA) can’t?

The most obvious thing that only QA Heatmap Analytics can do is make a video(This function is called “Session Replay”). This is not possible with Google Analytics by any means.

There is also a big difference in ease of setup. If you were to use Google Analytics to measure scrolling, you would need to be an expert to set it up, but with QA Heatmap Analytics, all you have to do is install the plugin and it will measure the data automatically.

However, this question is not a question of which one to use. Rather, we strongly recommend that you use both.

It may not be a good analogy, but this question is similar to the question, “Which is better for your health, a blood test or a urine test?

Both are important, but they have different purposes, and they teach different things. And since they are free, I think there is no reason not to use both of them.

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