Automatic Notice Mail

※version 3.2~

When enabling QA Analytics for the first time, you will see the “Welcome to QA Analytics” screen.
(*The design has been updated starting from version 3.4.)

Here, you can register the recipients for automated notification emails and select whether to receive the free newsletter.

*If you have set up Basic Authentication before the website is published, you won’t be able to configure the address. Please set it up after the website is published (once Basic Authentication is removed).
*Due to security reasons or other factors, if admin-ajax.php is restricted, you won’t be able to configure the address. (It seems to result in a 400 error.)

1. Automatic Notice Mail

Automatic notice mail is sent automatically using the WordPress system. (The sender is your “WordPress”.)

After updating the plugin, it will notify you when the data maintenance is completed.

Additionally, in QA Analytics, the amount of data and the capacity of the server for processing are closely related. If your monthly pageviews reach the measurement limit of QA Analytics, it will also notify you.

Automatic notice mail is separate from the free newsletter mentioned below.

2. QA Free Newsletter

QA newsletter is currently available only in the Japanese version. It will deliver special offers and information about QA Analytics.
It’s packed with useful information including introductions to new features, exciting discount campaigns, and successful web improvement case studies.
It’s sent irregularly.

To configure email reception settings:

In QA Analytics, go to Settings > “Email” tab to register or unsubscribe from email notifications at any time.

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