Data storage (location and period)

Where to store the data

The data will be stored on your server.

The following two areas are used for storage.

(1) Database
The plugin uses a database as a temporary storage location.
After a certain period of time, the old ones are deleted.

(2) In your “wp-content” directory
The plugin creates a dedicated folder “qa-heatmap-analytics-data” and saves the daily data in file format in that folder.
*Do not change the folder hierarchy, as this will be the data to refer to.

Data storage period

The data stored in the dedicated folder “qa-heatmap-analytics-data” will be handled:
– In free version, the data prior to the first day of the month before last will be deleted in the nightly processing.
– With a subscription plan, there is basically no deletion.

Therefore, the data that can be viewed is for the following periods:
– For free version, up to the previous month.
– With a subscription, all recorded data is available for an unlimited period.

>When subscribing a plan and using older versions (Ver. 2.0.7 or earlier)
In the “Settings” screen, there is an item for the storage period. This is the storage period in the database.
There is no need to change the settings. Also, do not set it longer than two months.

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