I accidentally deactivated my license. What happens now?

The following actions will take place when you deactivate the authentication, especially in the paid license. It is important to note that since you will be changing to the free mode, there will be various changes in the operation screen, but please be assured that there will be no effect on the measurement data or the data you have already saved.

  • Major “Operation Screen Changes
    • The “Get All Pages” checkbox in “Settings” will be removed.
    • All page settings are removed from the heatmap measurement target (aggregation target) and changed to the same mode as the free version.
    • The number of accesses displayed in the post screen list will be changed to be the same as the free version.

In case of accidental deactivation

The license information will still be entered on the screen, so if you re-authenticate, all the operation screens will be restored. As mentioned above, the data will not be affected at all.

What happens if I leave the activation unlocked?

If you leave it unlocked, it will run in free user mode.

As a result of the free version, the nightly aggregation process will be affected. Specifically, for example, if you have specified the measurement of all pages in the “Settings” screen and the activation has been cancelled, only one page will be included in the heatmap, just like the free version.

Differences in data retention periods

For the free version and the refer-a-friend license, the data retention period is two months.

For paid licenses, there is no limit.

Therefore, if you leave the paid license deactivated, the data from two months ago will be deleted sequentially, but the most recent data will remain until two months have passed.

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