Is there any effect on the display speed of the site?

QA is designed for sites that handle 1,000,000PV of traffic per month, so it does not access the WordPress database in real time. It also uses ajax communication to measure the time difference in a queue.

Therefore, unlike JetPack, which is famous but is said to make sites heavy, the mechanism is different and database locking does not occur, so the speed of the site experience does not decrease. Please be assured that we have created the plugin with a focus on measuring with minimal load.

Note: Verify the effect on display speed.

It’s just a rough guide, but even with the following P3 (a tool to measure the “heaviness” of plugins), QA never shows up. In other words, it does not affect the page load speed in general.

Cautions about setting up your own servers such as AWS

If you are running WordPress on your own server, it is highly recommended that you optimize your server settings for WordPress. (Many servers are not optimized with the default settings, and memory errors are likely to occur.)

See Notes on Installation for specific settings.

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