The latest data is not retrieved.

Especially for sites with a lot of traffic, the dashboard (real-time) data may not be updated at all.

The main feature is that “users in the past 30 minutes” is a very large number.

When the above situation occursthe data aggregation process has stopped, not the data acquisition.

Once QA Heatmap Analytics starts working properly, there is basically no “no data” situation (except when the server is down, in which case the site won’t show up either), meaning the data will continue to be retrieved.

However, when it is in the above state, the latest data that has been retrieved is not displayed because “data aggregation has stopped” and it appears that no data has been retrieved.

Measures to be taken

In such cases, if youupdate the plugin to the latest version, the aggregation process will continue and you may be able to view the data successfully.

Please note that the data aggregation process takes place during the night. So, if you want to check the latest data, please do so the day after the plugin is updated.

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