Supported Environments

QA Analytics supports an environment following:

  • PHP version: 5.6 or higher
  • WordPress version: 5.6 or higher
  • Recommended server specs: 4GB or more memory; SSD is preferred for hard disk.
  • PHP memory_limit: recommended 1GB or higher
  • PHP max_execution_time: recommended 240 seconds or longer

Requires file write permission

Some servers have file write restrictions for security reasons, etc., and may require a password when installing plugins.
In that case, QA Analytics will not be able to write data and no data will be recorded.


Set “write” permissions under the QA Analytics data directory, (ordinarily) “wp-content/qa-heatmap-analytics-data/”, to work properly.

Take note of PHP settings.

Considering the specifications of QA analytics, it is susceptible to the effects of “memory_limit” and “max_execution_time”.
Please adjust the server environment as needed.
Regarding settings of “php.ini”, inquire with your hosting provider.
See also -> Points to note when installing

Do not compress or minify JavaScript

Some plugins and themes have the function to compress and minify JavaScript, for like speeding-up.
If JavaScript is compressed or minified, JavaScript will not run properly and QA Analytics will be unable to measure data.
Unexpected errors may occur, too.
Please do not set to compress or minify JavaScript in other plugins or theme settings.


IE is not supported.

To view heatmap, Google Chrome is recommended.
With Safari / Firefox / Edge, it may slow down the rendering of heatmaps.
*Data collecting and recording are not affected. ( Excluding IE )


Multisite is not supported.


See also Adjusting Site Environments.

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