Questions and Inquiries

The following is a list of frequently asked questions. Please make use of it.

Various other documents can be found in the manual, so please check them out.

About Contacting Us

For issues that are not resolved manually, anyone can ask questions about the QA Heatmap Analytics plugin in the official support forum for free. You can search past questions or open a new topic.

Please note that the people who answer questions on the forums are volunteers. They are not obligated to answer your questions, and you may be warned if your question violates the guidelines. It is recommended that you read through theforum guidelines before posting anything in the support forum.

※For those who are subscribed to a paid plan

If you are subscribed to a paid plan, you will receive the support associated with each plan.

You can use the contact form here to contact QuarkA support team directly. Please login to ask your question.